Culturally speaking, customs make the world a very interesting and beautiful place.
Quite the opposite in global transportation, where getting your shipments through Customs can keep you up at night. Through third party relationships, we can provide all documentation and ensure that customs clearance and compliance regulations are met. Whether you are shipping to or from N. America or virtually any point on the globe, when you ship with OWL, the only customs you'll need to think about are on your next vacation.

See below; it's really impressive.

Full-service Customs Brokerage for global Ocean/Air cargo

  • Certified on-site Custom House Brokers
    • ABI Compliant
    • Certified Remote Location Filer
  • One-stop shop for all Customs brokerage needs - from classification, to clearance and post-entry services
  • Comprehensive Services Worldwide
  • Import Documentation & Clearance
  • Duty and Tax Calculation
    • Automated system provides full Landed Costs on shipments between any two countries
  • Customs Bond Issuance and Renewal
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Protest Preparation and Filing
  • Follow-up on Liquidation Issues
  • Customs Compliance Review
  • Government Agency Clearance
  • Duty Drawback
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